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Oiistar's Anchor Policies

Reservation Policies

As a small restaurant we are ONLY able to accept reservations for parties of 6 or more. Reservations can be made ONLY before 6:30 pm (Only during the Fall/Winter Season).

Reservations can be made ONLY by PHONE. To make a reservation please call us at: 


Please ensure to arrive on-time, as within 10 minutes past reservation time we must give up the table to allow for other parties

We only sit FULL parties. Please ensure all members of party have arrived.

Due to limited seating capacity, during peak business hours, we may ask for your table when you've finished in order to accommodate waiting customers

As a small restaurant, we do not really have a “waiting area.” To account for this we have a digital waitlist and will notify by phone you when your table is ready.

Menu items and prices are subject to change at anytime

A minimum charge of $10 required when using your credit card

18% gratuity will be added to parties of 8 or more

We are only able to split the check into a maximum of 4 separate checks after additional $2 charge for each additional card (due to increasing merchant fees)

House Rules

Although devouring in some of our spicy dishes may be the best remedy for a stressful day, for people who cannot handle heat very well, please take caution in eating dishes that rank beyond your spice tolerance. Such incautious choices may result in an upset stomach. 

Allergen Info

Since we craft all of our dishes using shared equipment, they may come into contact with certain allergens (e.g. peanuts, dairy, eggs, etc). Please let us know if you have any special dietary needs.

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