COVID-19: A Note to Our Customers

To Our Beloved Oiistar Customers, 

We at Oiistar believe in the power of food, not as just a necessity but as something that heals our mind, bodies, and soul. For us its the wave of nostalgia that washes over us as we catch a whiff of the savory aroma of ramen and the feeling of the first slurp of noodles which brings us back to the comfort of ramen. 

As restaurants in Illinois have been directed to offer only takeout and delivery, we cannot see our customers faces light up to that same first slurp feeling, however we hope to give you that same warmth by providing the option for takeout and delivery.

In order to accomplish this we are collaborating tightly with our Oiistar staff to spread warmth during these stressful times. 

With this we must also consider the friends and families of our Oiistar staff. In consideration of our staff please keep this in mind as when tipping our Oiistar family. 100% of these funds go to our Oiistar staff.

Through these times of hardship, 

Our family at Oiistar has been taking great precautions to ensure the safety of our Oiistar staff and their families at home.


The Oiistar Family

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